Future of fuel stations

Cloudics is a powerful solution for fuel stations that enables to control all the fuel station devices through Cloud-based forecourt controller.

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A breath of
fresh air

Today the majority of petrol stations are managed through expensive hardware and their integration is time consuming and costly. Cloudics enables to control all the fuel station devices through Cloud-based forecourt controller (FCC). This means also that maintenance and updates can be done over the internet.

Cloudics combines an entire software and hardware solution for fueling stations that can be operated from the cloud-based web manager. The user-friendly web portal allows you to easily monitore, analyse and manage all your stations work remotely. Cloudics also features an application for mobile payments that gives users an overview of their refueling process and previous fuelings. It is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Cloudics offers remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of your forecourt equipment. With Cloudics you can keep the station functioning 24/7, reduce the costs on deployment, implementation and maintenance while giving a better overview of your equipment.

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Reduce your
stations carbon

Show that your company cares about the environment by having green solutions and eco-friendly business practices. Cloud-based fuel station needs less hardware, maintenance and updates can be done over the internet and no printer paper or plastic cards needed due to mobile payment option.

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Cloudics is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a competitive edge. For retailers, this offers effective and flexible solution to stay competitive in the fast-paced retail landscape and to attract new clients through innovation. For clients, this means they can pay for their fuel without having any physical cards or cash with them.
Cloudics minimizes expensive on-site service cost, lowers regular software maintenance fee and gets you out of the expensive vendor lock-in with end devices. In other words, you will have a system that is cheaper to run and maintain.
Cloudics is borderless and can be installed and used in every corner of the world. Installation of the preconfigured controllers will be sent out by us and the setup will be done in Astro Baltics cloud server. Cloudics also gives you instant access to control and authorize your fuel pumps and price displays, see all the transactions, alerts and logs on live and manage tanks and users.
Cloudics offers great flexibility with multiple choices and can easily be integrated with your existing solutions.
Cloudics offers maximum security for payments and strong customer support. In the event of internet connection issues or disruptions the ongoing transaction can be completed and sent to the cloud when the internet connection is restored.
Cloudics design can be tailored and customised to your company's specific needs and requirements. You can also define custom dashboard and sidebar for each page to suit your specific needs.
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Control without borders

Cloudics is borderless and can be installed and used in every corner of the world. It gives you instant access to control and manage all your station devices remotely without being on site.


Some of
the features

  • Technological revolution

    Technological revolution

    Cloudics solution enables to control all the station equipment directly through the cloud without the need for expensive hardware.

  • Powerful Web manager

    Powerful Web manager

    All the tools can be managed and viewed directly from the Cloudics web platform.

  • Maintenance and updates

    Maintenance and updates

    Maintenance and upgrades to system components only need to be applied to the cloud.

  • API

    API for integration with third-party devices

    Cloudics can be integrated with existing database, other management systems and third-party devices.

  • Intuitive user app

    Intuitive user app

    With an easy and intuitive user interface customers can make payments quickly and comfortably using only their smartphone.

  • Multilingual


    Cloudics web platform and user app are available in English, Russian and Estonian. German is coming up next.

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Astro Baltics is an IT company with over 22 years of experience. Our aim is to offer complex and high quality hardware and software solutions to help our clients build a smart and easily administrable business. We are the leading developer of fuelling station software in Estonia with solutions for payments, forecourt device controllers and hardware.

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